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Released April 2015


released April 18, 2015

Suppressor is:

Juan "Niemand" Roldan - Vocals / Lead Guitar / Producer
Ricardo "Pato" Calvo - Rhythm Guitar
Max Soto - Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals
Daniel Fallas - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Juan "Niemand" Roldan at Niemand Recording Studios.
Artwork: Roberto Toderico
All songs registered under SuppressorCR. All rights reserved. ACAM 2015.



all rights reserved


Suppressor San Jose, Costa Rica

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Track Name: Turn Your Face
Sitting in front of your mirror
needing passion, to feel wanted
Good girl you know you want
Will teach you a violent lesson

While you kneel, pulling your hair
and my duty is to be bad with you
I am the beast you need to tame
I have the key to your frustration


Because your body burns
and pleasure cannot wait
burning the walls of your room
dress in flames, consuming anxiety


Want to beat your pleasure
You scream, hurry please
Want to beat your pleasure
You scream, rape me.

Bloody kisses, swollen eyes, bruises on your back
Tears of pain, perfect makeup running down
You belong to me, to the devil I am now
While I hear you whisper and moan
Track Name: From The Same Hell
Taking the cowardly minds
Doomed to live in fear
Guided to the abyss
Living off their tears

My life is fading away
Panic, as I let go
Death calls for my fucking name
Rotting six feet underground

You will dance, over my grave
That will be your worst mistake
If I wanted, I could return
Dig myself from the ground

I return from my fucking grave
Coming back to life in a new race
I will hunt you to the end of times

We will drag you down, to infernal flames
Scream as fire burns your face
With pleasure I will remove your eyes
Suffer your lies, this is reality
Now we know, you are guilty

It’s your final judgment
Scorch in fucking hell
Enjoy the moment
When your head explodes
Avenging my fears
I collected your tears
To suffer you are destined
Track Name: Fear Of My Faith
Time, found out your fucking lies.
My body loses temperature
The light, fades slowly now
Uncovering your fucking phoniness
Walls, ascend to the heavens
I cannot stop my fall
Now, I see the tunnel
Run to the light, to the end

Decided, return to living
To seek and destroy you
To fight against your empire
Satisfy my desire
The end gets closer every time
Now my mind is set
Soon my fears will be yours
I will crush your beliefs

My life is governed by myself
My mind you can’t manipulate
God’s punishment does not exist
Now my life is meant for revenge

Your hand in my stiffened neck
The cool gun against my head
Your words in my fucking face
But I've come to seek my total revenge
Open my eyes and I see your face
I come for you from the same hell
Fear invades your chilling bones
With tranquility, I complete my work
Track Name: Alice Pregnant
Sweet and innocent
To the eyes of your lord
Pride of your parents
Future of your church
But I can’t remember myself
Without you in my life
Prepare to fail my master
She could be mine
When my heart fades to black
You become a target in my head
Only one of us, the victor
You or me GOD!

Out of my path,
I see the darkness falling,
I am now prepared,
This ends tonight!

Sex, Passion, Pain, Lust

It’s my love for you,
It’s my hate for you,
It’s my love for you,
It’s my pain for you!

To this day!
I’ve become
More than all
And everything you’ll never be

God, Fails, Faith, Los
Track Name: Harpy's Demise
Its payback time you piece of shit!
I can’t believe what’s going thru my eyes
Been fooling with the devil in disguise
Helpless like a wounded little sheep
Deep inside lies a vicious killer bitch

For all the pain and hurt you do
My only obsession is raping you
Cry as your vanity ego shatters
Shaming you is what really matters

Now for your downfall,
We’ll end this once and for all
Fall down to your knees
As your life crumbles at your feet

Stare deep into my eyes
A soul you can’t control
My gaze will reflect
Your devious vainglory

You will repent of your sins
For all the pain you put others through
So choose your god and begin to pray
Feel my wrath, so bend over, taste my sweat
Screams of pain, tears of joy!

Show yourself to me
Your mask begins to tear
Truth shall set you free
Who do you wanna be?

Fake hollow fucking whore
Today you die by the sword
This is my curse to you
Forever broken and insane
Track Name: Misanthropist
Beaten, broken, pinned against the wall
Anger, hatred, boiling, deep inside
Beaten, broken, pinned against the wall
Anger, hatred, boiling, burning mind

Neglected and abused
Self-image distortion
Master of despise
A Violent retribution

Rejected by society
Mother, guide my hand
Just to make you proud
Their blood shall be mine

My life has shown me the fucking worst
No human contact, forever alone
Just turn your face, don’t look at me
Murder and death come, and set me free

My life has shown me the fucking worst
No human contact, forever alone
Just turn your face, don’t look at me
Solitary confinement, where I belong

Hate this place, let me go, I will kill, you motherfuckers!
Track Name: Dr. Graveyard
He came across
Through the land of the graveyard
With bloody scissors in the right hand

Blood stained mind
Psychopathic behavior
The Dr. Graveyard is coming back

Why can't you see?
He's truly obsessive,
With no anesthesia to operate
My scalpel is my only companion
A silent witness, what the mind hides
Die! Die! Die!

Imminent butcher
Decadent sickness

Dr. Graveyard...coming back!
Dr. Graveyard...Here I am!

-The Dr. speaks:-
You talk about friends, family, and your kids?
Will you say you want to live, fulfill your dreams. Will you be missed by anyone?
What’s for me to gain?
What I am going to do with you doesn’t compare to what I've done to myself.
All the pain, the suffering, the tears, the scars.
A martyr I have been, ungrateful bastard
You failed to realize, I am your savior, welcoming to your death!

Let see what we have today...
Now it’s getting interesting
The saw...now hearing the saw
I prescribe total amputation
Now, you’ll see!

Let me go...Dr. Graveyard
I am cured…Dr. Graveyard
It's so Dark…Dr. Graveyard
Where are you...Here I am!

For Christ’s sake...Dr. Graveyard
Let me go...Dr. Graveyard
Why do you smile…Dr. Graveyard?
Where is God...Here I am!
Track Name: Killer Bitch
Restless night, wide awake
Burning thoughts, through my head
Suck the life out of me
No remorse, give it all to me

Take my pain away
What I want is you to stay
Your love has a price
Sad story, a harpy's demise

Empty words, lie to me
Poisoning, what is left
I become, satisfied
Losing touch, I'm on my way down

Take our pain away
What I want deep inside
My lust is the prize
True story

This is no way to live,
My heart and soul shall purify!
You will not conquer me,
Stay away, be gone demon ghost
Track Name: With No Regret
I look around and see the madness…is this only me?
Controlled by dark desire, promising pleasure
Trying to escape I hear the furious dogs and the police
With no regret upon my soul, this is my destiny

So many victims on my back
My little trophies
There is no place where I can hide
Or control these forces

A wicked form of game I play
Manhunt I call it
Burden of justice will prevail
The game is over

Escape away from them?
Old, too old, to run away
From the corrupt I cleanse this world and I did it for free
Kind of a hero I see me, but now getting older

God is so pleased with all the grace I’m bringing to the earth
The Holy Spirit takes control
God is so pleased with all the grace I’m bringing to the earth
I will do what you please
But the police is getting closer and I need to escape
I might not see another day
God is so pleased with all the grace I’m bringing to the earth
But the police is getting closer and I need to escape

I wonder…If I will be able…To see another day

Lord, my lord, you know
I am, just another servant

Track Name: Left For Dead
Sick but not from the mind
These walls are bitter and caving in
Pain, I miss it so bad
Not on me but the one I inflict on them
Their scent when penetrated
Their skin turned ice with the edge of the knife
Their soulless eyes when dying
The search for places for pieces to hide

I can’t stand this place
Is worthless trying
Why do they keep me alive?
I am better off dead
They’ll never understand
Why do they call this madness?

My arms and hands are stiffened, they’re craving for another life
A female cry for punishment, so feminine, so passionate

A gift to humankind
My dick yearns raping
It feels too useless here
I’ll have to give it an end
They’ll never understand
Why do they call this madness?

They’ll never know my reasons for what they see is just a lie
My name will be remembered, and as the last God’s artwork I shall die
I shall die………

Here I am Lord, finally see your face
Out of the darkness, I’m finally safe!